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Friday, September 16, 2011

How to Register Domain Free. Tk (dot tk)

Actually right now or at the time this article was created, I am a new user a free domain. Tk (dot tk) because before I used to use a free domain like. or the like. If you know about the story does have quite a long time of om Google but only now that I have free time for tried it, it's known since the world of IT development is very rapid, automated many new things as well in the IT world should I learn. But unfortunately I can not afford the brain's ability to learn everything as fast as lightning. hehe .. Maybe that's because I just could factor taking the time now.
Okay, back to the subject. There have been many blogs or websites that explain everything about the domain of this one so I will not describe here, perhaps in another article I will try to explain. So just go ahead,

Here are step by step How to Register Domain Free. Tk (dot tk):
  • Login first to his website here:
  • When the page loads it will appear that gives us two options, namely Get a Free. TK Domain Name and Shorten a long web address. Select the first option as shown below:
  • Ithe column with the domain name / website that we want to make or Register a then click "GO".
  • If successful or a domain name is still available, in the sense that no one has used it it will show a page to the next step like this:
  • In the section "Use your new domain" select / click: Use DNS.
  • In the column "tab of your personal control", there are some options:
The first option: If you want to use it through Blogger hosting, then the contents of both the "Server name" with: (IP address leave blank).

Option two: If want to use another Webhost, for example then fill in the first column "Server name" with: then in the second column content by: (IP address leave blank).
  • Next fill in the column and should be the same character / line with the characters that appear at the top of the column.
  • Click the "Sign up" at the bottom of the page:
  • On the sign-up we provided two options: first by way of social accounts through our network that is so, for example: Facebook, Google accounts, Yahoo! etc. .. Then the second choice by creating a new account using the email address.
  • Let me quickly, we just use the first option to one that is with socially Account Sign in using our network. Incidentally here I use a Google account, so I explained him that through Google, yes .. :) But use other accounts as well as any aliases there are no striking differences. Just click the options button and then enter the Username / Email your Google account (if you want to sign in via a Google account) and also enter the Password / her password and Log / Log.
  • Having successfully entered, a dialog box as shown below, click "Allow".
  • Now we just connect the domains. Tk is already ready to use it through the settings we use your webhost. Suppose we want to redirect the domain. Tk us to blogger, click on "My Domains" located on the left page, then "Register my domain" and click "Change" button.
  •  Options appear as shown below below and select "Use Dot TK DNS Service Guide" then click "Configure".
  • Once it's set its DNS Service, in the Type field: "CNAME", Host Name: your domain name, IP address: then click "Continue" button at the bottom right of the page.
  • If successful then the words "Change has been updated" and now lives its settings in Blogger.